DMH2ND Tee Shirts

All of the Tee Shirts offered here are intended to be conversations starters, such that discussions pertaining to the nature of freedom, sovereignty, autonomy, consent, fear, and belief, become more commonplace, and easier to start up. Simply click on the photo of the tee shirt that you like in order to access the sell page in a new tab. All shirts have a standard price of $19.99 and while the photos below are all black and white, the sell pages offers five color options for each shirt. You can visit my Bonfire Store Page and see all of my designs, of which there are many more on the way, and I thank you very much for your patronage.

This is the Official DM Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library Tee Shirt.
Sovereign, Triune Consciousness
I Refuse To Live In Fear
Tell The Truth, Offend Others
Dead Fish Go With The Flow, Be Yourself
Voluntary, Ones Free Will and Choice Unconstrained
Autonomy, Independent Self Governing
Belief, What Is It?
Ask Me About Freedom And How It Can Be Achieved
Jordan Peterson Ideology Quote
I Do NOT Consent to be Governed
Mark Passio Righteous Anger Tee Shirt