DMH2ND Study Drives

You can also send me a drive you already own!

In the event that you’d like to have the full D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library on a Solid State Dive, Mechanical Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or Micro SD Card, you can buy a drive on my Amazon Wishlist, and it will be mailed to me, and I’ll fill it, and I’ll mail it back to you. You can also send me a drive that you already own, and I’ll do the same. The minimum size drive must be at least 128 GB for the basic Public Library alone, and the larger the drive you send me, the more content I can load thereupon from my private collection which is substantially larger.

I ask for a minimum 50$ donation to cover packaging, shipping, and my time, and I recommend using PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp. Email with any questions or comments.

As I continue in my studies and research, the D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library continues to grow in size and complexity, thus the previews provided below are to be viewed as possibly having had additions over time. Content images current as of 4-23-22.