Addressing Mark Passio’s Natural Law Concepts

People keep asking me what I think about Marks Natural Law topic, and honestly, I felt the need to publish a video instead of repeating myself endlessly. In a simple sentence, Marks Natural Law Concept falls short in terms of morality by way of focusing upon the consciousness and will of the victim rather than ones own will and intentions, and he conflates the Nature of Being with his personal existential anxieties.

1 thought on “Addressing Mark Passio’s Natural Law Concepts

  1. emir4

    my secret friend yoh have given enormes wisdom about all as high warrior on our time and stay on my way… not vorry you have all respect for me even I protect your way that msny try to hate you….the true us power weapon that we have…just stay with me and my way against all world even with empy hands we are more stronger as every before and nobody can be over as…..



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