Jana Esp Dialog Part Three

After writing more than thirty pages of explicitly clear explanations of my views, I have been once again ignored, misrepresented, and labeled a Satanist, by this communities members. I’m providing links to the first two sections of the Jana Dialog, in order that anyone who is actually honest, may read them and see what I actually said. https://dmhutchins2nd.wordpress.com/2022/03/14/jana-espiritu-santo-concerning-the-one-great-work-network/https://dmhutchins2nd.wordpress.com/2022/03/21/jana-esp-reply-part-two/ In fact I have offer very sound and logical explanations pertaining to the truth of these slanderous accusations, and that is why Jana has avoided addressing any of them specifically, and instead has only generally repeated her original unfounded accusations, in a new, more colorful, nomenclature.

Jana Esp March 24, 2022 at 10:58 pm Thank you for revealing your true colors and that our friendship meant completely nothing to you and was only tool for you in achieving Satanic divide and conquer of the community.

Once a gain I will remind everyone in this community that Jana’s claims to having had a meaningful and heartfelt relationship with me, is an absolute and totally bogus lie. In reality, Jana and I have never met in person, not even one time, and so far as I know, we have never even been in the same state, at the same time. What Jana is referring to as being our “deep and profound friendship” is nothing more than the fact that we have both been notable members of this community for several years now, and from time to time we interacted on Facebook. Even during those interactions we mostly bickered and evaluated one anothers written publications, and even that quickly came to an end, when both Jana and Noah began working for Mark Passio as a Gatekeepers in his Cult. They both took pride in controlling the narrative of Natural Law discussions, by eliminating any and all freedom of speech from Mark Passio’s Natural Law social media groups, and as EVERYONE knows, I oppose specifically THAT HYPOCRISY above all other contradictory dogma within this community combined, so how the Hell does she possibly believe that we were ever the best of friends? This is not even to mention the fact that, all of Mark Passio’s Gatekeeper Admins, have standing orders to slander my name and block me on all social media, such that I am unable to witness or defend myself against their obvious lies, nor direct the attention of their sycophants to their gurus contradictions and hypocrisy. So when exactly Jana believes that she and I were “good close friends” I really have no idea at all.

This is ALL very public information, which hundreds of people are very familiar with, such that even if I had something to hide, (which I don’t), I would be utterly unable to do so, because there are far to many people involved, over a huge amount of time. At this point, Jana has simply become delusional, and as for this continued nonsensical accusation of my being a “Satanist” and a “Dividing and Conquering Community Destroyer”, Jana has now irrevocably exposed herself as a complete pretender of righteousness, as I have very clearly and explicitly, addressed this particular issue multiple times, at length over thirty pages of text, of detailed explanations which Jana has totally ignored, right in front of this reading audience, in order to maintain this pointless animosity, and obvious lies. If she says that she feels like a “tool”, that certainly has nothing to do with me. I actually addressed all of her points. Ask her if she can say the same.

Everyone is a tool for you in this soulless bitter pursuit.

Everyone who has given their souls over to the egregore with whom I do battle, are therefore my enemy, so yeah, fuck’em. That is how war actually works, and you might know this, if your claim to righteousness were genuine, but it obviously isn’t, and you’re not actually doing battle here. I am. If anyone aligns themselves with my enemy, that is their choice, but that choice isn’t without consequences. I have explained to you, several times now, that I have no respect for persons at all, rather I address the egregore and memeplex which feed upon humanity, driving humanity into stagnation and involution, and robbing them of their right to choose. I seek to destroy those stagnant ideologies before anyone else can adopt them, and so I expose contradiction, hypocrisy, and inversion, to those who are subject to them, and anyone who would protect these egregore, deserve any harm they inadvertently receive, again, fuck’em, they made their choice. If you are not intellectually or spiritually equipped so as to comprehend this situation, so be it, but my war is righteous across strata which you cannot access or perceive, and I do not require your approval or understanding. I answer only to the Creator. Know this…

You’ve constructed a personality that isn’t even real, it’s just a tool of your dark sorcery (so was personally telling me about your trauma, which you use to manipulate people). Your game is up, maybe not to others but i see you clearly. You not only reveal your Dark Luciferian Spirit but revel in it.

Not only am I real, but I am damn near the only completely consistent person in this whole community. Jana, you don’t even know which side you are on. One minute you are working for the cult and killing freedom of speech, and now you are opposing the cult and promoting free speech, and one moment you are calling someone your friend, and in the next moment you are calling them Satan, if they do not adopt your ever changing views. You are more concerned with others being in agreement with you, than you are with knowing very well what your position actually is. You guys in the Natural Law Cult are no better than Christians, cherry picking your views in order to win petty debates, and calling anyone outside of your cult a Satanist. Well you know what, Jana, fuck it, I’m Satan, but I’m the only one here that is Consistent, Informed, Truly Sovereign, and knows exactly what I am doing, and why I am doing it.

And that which you are attempting to spin as being “Dark Sorcery” is nothing more than an insight to the nature of the human psyche and its many archetypes. Its only dark and spooky to those who are ignorant, and I have made every attempt to share what I know with others. A Sorcerer would not. I have acted in the light for all to see, and not the darkness. Frankly, you are confused.

I pity the hell you are about to go through that will wipe that smug prideful look off your face. There will be an effect to all your moral transgressions and let’s see how “neutral” they will be. The more people you fool the more karma for you. You think its funny. Let’s see who’s laughing when you reap what you’ve sown and burn.

Well, as long as we’ve established which of us is angry and bitter, lol. Tell me, what Hell awaits me? More lies? More childish name calling? What moral have I transgressed? Your Victorian sensibilities or your Nazarene ideologies? I cannot fool anyone, Jana. People can only fool themselves, and if you were to pay attention to what I have explained to you, you’d see that I’m actually dedicated to eliminating the very means by which this community is fooling itself. You’re welcome. If I think anything is funny, its your absolute misinterpretation of my agenda.

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