Jana Esp Reply Part Two

Jana Esp Response Part Two – Jana’s Original Comment Here.

Being as Jana’s reply to my commentary was itself more than four pages of text, and my response brought it to sixteen pages, I thought it best to create an entirely new post, because reading these novelettes in the comment section can become a bit tedious.

Jana Esp March 18, 2022 at 5:39 PM – Interesting… Just a few years ago you had the opposite perspective of me (Jana Espiritu-Santo) which led to the breaking of our friendship. On Facebook on August 30, 2019 you publicly wrote: “No one has elected Jana [and others] to dictate which conversations are approved or disapproved, pertaining to the What On Earth Happening series and its topics. True agents of Natural Law do not attempt to dictate to others what they must think or feel. True teachers do not threaten their students with being rejected if they happen to announce an independent thought. Only cowards and liars require these “Safe Spaces” where their statements are immune to criticism, where they possess absolute control what is expressed and what is suppressed. It is because of these people that Mark Passio is accused of leading a cult, because a cult has actually formed in his name and around his awesome work. These cultist [Jana] are a disservice to both Mark and WOEIH. Every time they restrict someone from joining the conversation, they are making the statement that Marks work is too weak to stand on its own, thus they have elected themselves the Mark Passio and WOEIH babysitters. Please stand up for Mark, his years of hard work, and above all, the Truth. Tell these people how you feel about them hijacking Marks name, in an attempt to make one for themselves.” And you attached a grotesque picture of a demon with red latex and devil horns to possibly reflect me. These were uncalled for baseless accusations and an assault to my character lacking any evidence as my content then was in the same spirit as it is now. I am always open to constructive criticism, but that is not this and it really came from nowhere.

Most of what I said then yet remains true, and that element of my position that has changed, has had good reason to change, which is three years of evidence to observe. I am in no manner obligated to assume any ridged and unchanging bias, and I will always refine my ideals according to the best available information, as should you. Three years ago, Mark was a very different person, and this cult like behavior existed primarily within the fanatical groups on Facebook, though not Mark himself, and I still stand up for Marks good work.

The thing is, Mark has experienced multiple life changing events over the time that has passed, and each have seemingly driven him further and further away from his ability to teach, as now he seems only interested in controlling things, people, ideals, narratives, etc. As for the social media groups, Mark later stepped in, in order to “resolve” certain issues that were developing, and rather than disbanding this group of sycophants, he began giving them rules and electing people to be in charge of others, which he instructed specifically how to control the Natural Law narrative in a certain way. I faulted you, at that time, as you were an active gatekeeper at that time, were you not? That is when Mark, and every one of his gatekeepers, assumed full responsibility for the cult behavior, when he not only endorsed it, but personally organized it.

That is when I began to publicly address the matter, but not before. This is not a simple one time occurrence that happened once and now its over, rather, it is an ongoing years long development that I have observed and confronted directly throughout its various stages of evolution. I’d think this would be more obvious to you. As for posting a photo to insult your character, that isn’t even my style, Jana. I’m really not the type of person to hide anything from anyone, and had I intended to insult you personally, I’d have done so directly. The criticism that I offered you pertained to your participation in the Gatekeeping of Marks work, and you have admitted your participation therein such that your guilt is affirmed. I guess my mistake was believing that you had moved on to a more mature focus, but I stand corrected by your three year old Facebook quotes. Good Lord…

This is your pattern Darryl, you flip flop. From the get go we’ve always agreed on some (not all) criticisms of Mark and cult-like behaviors observed in the community, which is why these lies were so hurtful to wake up to one morning and find all your opinions of Mark projected on me. It was like I was in the twilight zone.

Again, I don’t think I have flip-flopped at all. I think that my views have changed slightly so as to accommodate three years of new data. I have only one ambition which is to expose the truth. I have no need to, desire to, nor anything to gain from, hurting you. So understand that my issues with Mark are just that, and I have only ever held against you, your own offenses. You were once a Natural Law narrative controller, and a Mark Passio gatekeeper. Limiting peoples freedom of speech is on par with the evils of the Elite. It is no small offense, Jana. You took part in robbing people of one of the most precious gifts the Creator has given us, which is our own voice, and not only that, but you did so while people were attempting to discuss the topics of Freedom, Sovereignty, Liberty, and Natural Law itself. All of these ideals which you claim to hold as being most sacred, you once denied others the right to freely express, and so when I say that your own ideals and practices have long been in far greater contradiction than my own, hear me well, and understand.

You have admitted as much yourself. If you aren’t doing that anymore, then I congratulate you, and praise you, and that particular criticism is thereby resolved. In the event that you resume that behavior, I will resume that particular criticism. Honestly, I think that you and I likely agree on more issue than we disagree on, but you seem somehow stuck in the past, like you want to maintain some grudge that is no longer productive for either of us. Just let it go, and move on.

You say in this recent article: “…but this cult refuses to even acknowledge my existence, because I have been calling out this communities hypocrisy for many years.” That’s not true, a lot of people have given you time and attention. Remember Barb on behalf of WOEIH giving you gifts while you were in the hospital? You were instantly loved and adored by many, my dear, I certainly gave you A LOT of my time and attention… But you are usually the one who turns against people erratically or causes chaos in their life, then you play the victim of their rejection.

Jana, at this point you are simply arguing with yourself, and twisting the context of my statements unnecessarily. You might include the obvious context of my statements as they were given, instead of adding new ones that do not apply. Perhaps I should have been even more specific with my language, but you seem hell-bent of making it seem as though I have said things that I absolutely did not say.

When I said “this cult refuses to recognize me”, my intention was point out that admission to the One Great Work Network pretends to be based upon a standard of the individuals published Work, while in reality it is nothing more than Mark playing favorites with anyone who gives him money or services. The assumed standard of membership within the One Great Work Network is a complete and total lie. Mark claims that people will be added if he feels their work is good enough, however, there are people on the One Great Work Network who have produced absolutely NO work at all, and there are others like myself who have created massive libraries to to share the public, and yet I go ignored because I wont bow down to Mark and allow him to control my speech or prescribe my thoughts. I was pointing out Marks lies, and hypocrisy, and I didn’t say anything even remotely close to what you think I said.

I love Barb even now, and she was the best thing that ever happened to this community, and she and I never had any issues that we didn’t settle ourselves. Our friendship was not overly public either, but we were close, she got me through some very difficult times, and I miss her very much. As for you and I, I have made every attempt to sort out just what exactly the sources of your animosity is, but frankly I’m still at a loss. I have offered valid and logical correction to everything you have attempted to label erratic, and I am certainly no ones victim, so I’m not sure what you are even addressing.

You asked me for my feedback on this, so I’m going to give you that from my heart in the spirit of growth… even though you’ve already destroyed our friendship and never attempted to make amends. So you have to accept that for good reasons I am a bit stern in this reply. At the same time, I know is irrelevant to appreciating each other’s work and so I start out by saying that there is much truth in your commentary thus having me enjoy most of it.

I always seek the stern truth in all things, and so this should be no different, but honestly I feel like you are making way more out of this, than is actually there. You say that I have destroyed our friendship, but the truth is I have never met you even once in my life, and the only communications that we have ever exchanged were on social media, and even there you hardly ever responded. We observed one anothers essays and post, and we would chat on occasion, but to pretend as though you and I are old buddies, that are very very close, like we grew up together or something, and then one day I viciously attacked you and hatefully ended our life long friendship, is one Hell of a stretch.

I would very much like to ‘become’ good close friends one day, if that is what you’d like, but that is certainly not something that we have ever had, in fact, your boyfriend/husband Noah has long made his hatred of me a very public issue, and every attempt I ever made, those years ago, to resolve whatever his issue was, was met with being cursed out and mocked in the most childish manner, and because he too was one of Marks elected gatekeepers, I was also banned and blocked so that he could slander me in my absence, while I was unable to defend myself against his unwarranted mockery and accusations… and now you are charging me… with not having shown you the proper respects pertaining to our deep heartfelt relationship that never actually happened? Seriously? I think I’m the one in the damn Twilight Zone here, lol.

Unfortunately, you like Mark believe that you only need to change once in this life, which was your awakening to NL and exiting of satanism. And I commend both of you for that radical miraculous change, what a beautiful thing! I see more potential in you guys for further growth than those who haven’t made such life reversals because you have deeply gone through an alchemical process and have more understanding of what it is.

No, Jana, that isn’t even close to what I believe. I’m not even sure where you’ve gotten that idea from, but I’m absolutely certain that you have never listened to my podcast or read my essays, because I have several episodes where I address exactly this topic, and I explain that there is no point of completion pertaining to the shadow work, because it is a life long process, on going and evolving. I absolutely never said anything about having had a “Natural Law Awakening”, and I never said that I “left” Satanism. These are things that Mark has said, but not I. What I said is that I transcended Satanism, and that I challenge Marks definition of Natural Law. You just keep trying to put words in my mouth that I never actually said. Can you quote me, and link to the article where you believe that I said these things?

However, YOU both have MORE WORK to do on yourselves (as we all do) and you both have abandoned going deeper in that process and your understanding of it (saying you’ve resolved all with the Creator)… it’s not a one time affair and both of you are so resistant to undergoing MORE alchemical transformation as aspects of yourselves are still entrenched in satanism and its egotism.

You both love beating a dead horse—both you and Mark are obsessed with your ego rants against “the community” for years now. You both are a perfect mirror for each other, no wonder fate brought you to Mark on this path. But when are either of you going to move on and get the lesson?

And at this point, Jana, you are outright lying. You are taking something that I said, changing the words around, and adding the word “all”, such that it would appear that I said something that I most certainly did not, and would not, say. I never said that I had “resolved all with the creator”. Again, you have no grasp of context. I said that I didn’t need Marks pompous instructions pertaining to certain elements of the human condition because I had something better than instruction which is direct experience, with having violated, and having recovered, my moral compass, and I listed several very specific examples, and I did NOT use the word “all”. You are absolutely lying. Read it again, please.

And exactly which alchemical transformations do you think I have claimed to have mastered, that I’m unwilling to go deeper in to? Again, you have obviously never even glanced at my essays or podcast, because most of my content pertains to the very subject matter that you think you are warning me about here, to the point that this conversation is very nearly comical. Go look in to my work before you lecture me. You obviously have no idea where I stand, or what I believe, and I’ll say again that I think we are far more in agreement than your assumptions of me have allowed you to recognize. Who I am, and who you think I am, are two very different things.

You are able to call Mark out so well because of your knowledge of evil, especially subtle evil. But while Mark has issues with gatekeeping and arrogance, you still have the spirit of division and bitterness in your work because you find your IDENTITY in polarizing against the community and Mark. You play out this mythical fantasy: DARRYL HUTCHINS VS. MARK PASSIO AND THE MARK PASSIO CULT and you’ve attached yourself to this narrative for many years now and its still going as you write: “I’ve spent my past three podcast explaining how the entirety of the freedom community resides in base consciousness.” Of course, you have, when has it been any different?

Yes and no. You have accurately assessed my essence, but not my form. I do possess a greater knowledge and experience of evil than most, especially in this community, and truly that is to say that I have a better understanding of human psychology, as that is all the occult actually is, an ancient map of the human psyche. I have attempted, for many years, to explain to this community, and others, that my edge in this regard stems from my experience in Satanism, and my study of the mystery schools, both of which most communities lack, and neither of which most communities pursue, despite their claims, because they believe that worshiping Gurus and archetypes is equivalent to the Great Work itself. They honestly believe that they just don’t need to learn anything else.

This is wrong, obviously, and so I have cause to enter in to these communities, and divide them. Yes, that is my goal, and I have always made this quite clear, thus it is not entirely subtle. I am the Satan of this community, and any other, accusing, dividing, exposing, and polarizing, and such has been my nature regardless of location or persuasion, in any given temple, coven, or sect, and so on. Where you are wrong is in assuming that my agenda pertains specifically to Mark or his following, as it does not. I have always been the same man, on the same quest, equally as toxic to Satanism, Christianity, Buddhism, or pseudo-Great-Work-ism.

To thine own Self be True, Jana. The titles and paradigms are utterly meaningless, and ones state of consciousness alone denotes alchemical aptitude. I divide stasis from potential, involution from evolution, gnosis from wisdom, and those who are able to answer from those who are not. I feed on paradigms, mining them for gems of gnosis to transmute in to wisdom via experiential integration which evolves the Higher Self. Gurus and their clubs are a one way ticket to alchemical stagnation in that regard, and therefore enemy number one, in any paradigm, and in any alchemical endeavor. They are everyone’s enemy, whether they know it or not. I confront them, I challenge them, I battle with them, and indeed, to some degree this is a primary component of my identity, but it always has been, long before I discover this particular community, its gurus, or gatekeepers. It is not a fantasy. It is a reality which I have manifest, born of a state of mind, which is the foremost of sacred principles. No?

Is there truth to your rants and judgments towards the community, certainly! More truth than Mark’s rants against the community. But there’s a dark side to that as well. Just as Mark hides behind his good actions, his spirit isn’t entirely good (he is also bitter, resentful, and angry and uses this as ego food). And it is the spirit BEHIND your condemnation of others (similar bitterness, resentment, and anger) that I am looking at, as just because you are exposing some truth doesn’t make what’s driving you entirely good either. Bear with me, as I will explain.

I’m glad that you can see the truth in certain statements that I have offered, but I would ask that they be recognized as being truths on their own merits, and not necessarily because I said them, or because they are truer than something Mark said. I’m not attempting to convert anyone to my way of thinking, or away from Marks way of thinking, rather I am attempting to direct people to the truth, and logical assessments, rather than emotional ones, regardless of the manner in which they later view myself, Mark, or anyone else. In the same light, I would caution you that I am not condemning people directly, so mach as I am condemning their adopted ideals and practices, and if I am bitter, resentful, and angry, it is because their beliefs and practices have an effect on the rest of the world, and my obvious attention regards their distortion of truth, and inversion of alchemical evolution.

I am responding with genuine and sincere bitterness, resentfulness, and anger, and unapologetically so. That people are so shallow as to identify their own Living Soul with their favorite podcast guru, and feel that they have been personally attacked when that podcast or guru is criticized, is a primary element of the very problem that I have set out to expose to this community, and others, and in the event that I am successful, people usually turn around and thank me for my anger, and they tend to take on a similar attitude for themselves.

And while I very much appreciate your feedback, and I do hope that you continue to offer your perspective, it should be clear to you by now, that I have absolutely no ambition whatsoever to be “entirely good”. If I had to define my position with specific terminology, I could only describe myself as being “Chaotic Righteous”, as any matter pertaining to the existential, the ethical, or the moral, the neophyte can only come to those conclusions according to their own integrated experiences, but not via external moral instruction from another. For this reason I operate within the mind, where Chaos is required so as to stir up intellectual stagnation and worship, causing one to question, reassess, and take another look at their own ideals and beliefs, because therein lies the individuals potential capacities for good OR evil, and I would have them chose, but Its not for me to say what choice they ought to make. That is between them and the Creator.

You don’t simply drop your seeds on the ground when you want to plant a garden, in fact you have to clear the brush, churn up and till the Earth, destroy what was once there, and then sow your seed within the freshly broken soil, continuing to clear weeds and brush, laboring toward the season of harvest. The human psyche is no different, as you have to churn up and till those stagnant ideals, battle their hardened and calcified egos, and get your hands dirty. You have to get your name dirty, too. So yeah, I’m not the “good guy” here, and I have no desire to be. I will fuck your shit slam up. You’re welcome.

I’ve witnessed countless threads of you instigating useless drama and trying to turn individuals on others and you did this with me SEVERAL times and others I know. Based on your writing, I’m not getting any change from you since. You love to create the divide to feel superior at how base THEY are and how HIGH you are and this pattern of behavior is egoic rubbish. At that point “the community” is just a construct to feed the ego. You also use it to feed your victim complex of how individuals rejected you when in certain instances they had sound reason to.

As usual, you correctly assess my essence, and then misappropriate my form. Yes, I instigate and divide, though I might ask you upon what grounds you have elected yourself so as to determine what is useless drama, or a valuable discussion, for other people? Isn’t that Marks whole game with the One Great Work Network? Will you start the Jana’s One Great Discussion Network, and only allow the discussions that you personally feel are beneficial to the public? The Creator gave everyone the ability to make their own choices, and so ought we.

I do not address people unless by name, rather I address the ideals with which people identify. I’m not turning people against people, Jana, I am turning ideas upon ideals within the people, such that their contrary nature be exposed and hopefully resolved, should the individual be capable. And If my history is such that I have always viciously attacked you, might you then explain when exactly we were the best of friends, such that I also destroyed our previous friendship?

And please explain to me how I have any obligation to change? In what manner should I change? And in the event that I do change, will you not turn around and accuse me of inconsistency? Likely you would, as you’ve made up your mind that I am bad and wrong, and so that will be your judgment, regardless of the provided stimuli, thus I’ll continue to be myself, as the Creator sees fit. If you didn’t feel that you benefited from those conversations, you certainly are not obligated to continue participating therein, however, you conveniently leave out that I have changed many minds, liberated many who are now independent of cults, and also created long term friendships. Oddly you turn a blind eye to all of those results. And strangely enough, I find more values in conversations like this one, between you and I, than all the ass kissing that takes place between people in complete agreement. I much prefer it this way.

Not only have YOU have created division, turmoil, confusion, and chaos with others as a pattern MANY are well aware of, you seem to enjoy it and are actually proud of it as you write: “It was for this specific line of thinking that I, myself, was cast out of the Mark Passio and Natural Law social media groups several years ago, and labeled a Satanist, a Chaos Sorcerer, and a Community Divider. And let me be perfectly clear that I’ll happily accept any of these titles…” Thank you for being so honest… and you think this is how an Adept would behave? You consider these wise and just actions?

You are very fond of quoting half a sentence from a massive paragraph of my text, and then taking that half a sentence exceedingly outside of its original context, aren’t you? It is a very dishonest trait of yours, nonetheless, I will transmute it in to yet another opportunity to fully explain my original point, which point has naught to do with egoic pride necessarily, but certainly that issue of independent esteem and Knowing Ones Higher Self, for which you will never beckon shame in me. Yes, I divide. Yes, I create turmoil. Yes, I bring Chaos. And, Yes I am proud of it. But do you see why? Do you see that which I oppose? Do you see that to which I invite spiritual opposition? I think perhaps not.

I was labeled a Satanist, a Chaos Sorcerer, and a Community Divider, because I would not conform to to the social dogmas pretending to be Sovereignty, nor the herd mentality that is pretending to be alchemy, nor the mindless regurgitation of Passioisms pretending to be independent though. And yes, I will always happily accept any of these titles, so long as it be clearly understood that they represent that my Sovereignty is truly Sovereign, my Alchemical Process is true independent of external dictation, and my thought process is unregulated by indoctrination, prescription, nor any sycophantic idolization of conventional human abstractions.

Satan is an archetype that represents independence from, rather than conformity to, social contracts, and Satan represents assessing and accusing ideals, rather than blindly adopting them. That is me, Jana, is it not? A Chaos Sorcerer is one who navigates paradigms and their communities with total immunity to the influence that manages them, and has the ability to sow their own influence therein. Well damn! That’s me, too! A Community Divider is one who is able to take part in a community and determine its individual members potentials and capacities, so as not to waste time upon those lacking the skills and insights required so as to achieve the communities asserted goals. Lo and Behold, Me again. These are not insults to be ashamed of, in fact I am proud of them, because in having been set apart by this community, I am thereby distinguished as one who will not conform or adopt external ideologies. I am recognized as possessing the qualities of independence and genuine liberty, as I have no need for validation nor support. I stand before the Creator entirely on my own, with no ones philosophical bullshit clouding my Communion with the ALL. Adept behavior? Absolutely. Wise and just actions? Precisely.

You say: “My goal is to collect and share information through my Digital Occult Library, with no ego attached, and to hold a mirror up to the Freedom Community through my personal podcast, with my ego attached.” Thank you for admitting your ego attachment involved holding up the communal mirror. Do you not see how that’s a problem? Are YOU willing to see yourself back in the mirror? I think you do but don’t care. I think your smug about it as this is your entertainment.

You answered your own question here. I am able to separate my ego, and my personal work, from the Great Work overall. That is what everyone ought to do. Both the ALL and the Self are to be revered and expressed, As Above So Below, so long as you know where the line is to be drawn in between. The Great Work is simply educating those who are willing to be educated, with raw, non-pre-interpreted information. Likewise, ones Personal Work is not to tip-toe around the sensibilities of social conformity and community dogmas. The Great Work and the Personal Work are two sides of the same coin, and any version of the Great Work suggesting that you cut yourself out, or suppress your personality, is no better than some fundamentalist Christian dogma where you are taught to regard yourself as filthy rags before God. Well, sorry Jana, that is not the Creator that I know, because I was divinely inspired with a really big mouth, and plenty to say.

I have collected and share a massive amount of information in such a way that anyone can freely obtain it, without so much as even knowing that I exist. You simply click on a series of links and download a huge library spanning countless occult topics, and then do what you please with it. You don’t have to see me. You don’t have to know me. You don’t even have to thank me. You just take it and have it, period, the end, full stop. Name anyone else in this community who provides that much information, on that many topics, without their personal opinions attached. I bet you can’t. Seriously, try to name two or three other people doing that. I’ll wait…

You see, after I had fully accommodated the information collecting and sharing element of the Great Work, I then created totally separate platforms upon which to discuss my personal views, opinions, and observations, on podcast, essays, and in books, of their own, no to mention that I share books that I wrote several years ago when I was addressing other communities. I’m literally the ONLY person in this community who has divided my Personal Work from the Great Work. I’m the only one where you can select one, the other, or both, and you are comparing me to the likes of Passio, for whom there is absolutely no line drawn between his personal opinions and the Great Work. I’d ask you to reassess the situation.

While you claim that Mark is adding his personal preference in describing Natural Law with objective morality (which he is not), you love to make moral judgments on him and others instead of respecting their freewill choices as THEIR NEEDED and SACRED LESSONS with the Creator. For someone who supposedly doesn’t want to reduce NL to right and wrong as to embrace free will, you talk a lot about the wrong. But my question is, are you doing to actually help them?

I’m telling everyone to get over the issue of Good and Evil within the definition of Natural Law, as Natural Law only pertains to what the Universe is, and how consequentialism functions. It is the stage upon which Freewill plays out, but it is not Freewill itself, as Mark would define it. Natural Law accommodates horrible evil deeds, as well as righteous goodly deeds, in perfect equality, without bias. The existential evaluation of how to behave in this particular circumstance, is the issue of Freewill, and from that metric we can gauge our behavioral input upon the plane of causation, according to our desired output upon the plane of effects. And again, this accommodates the wicked and the righteous alike.

Natural Law only describes the fact that we have the right to chose, and the Freewill to engage consequentialism as we see fit, but it certainly does not tell anyone what their choice had better make, and the very last thing that Natural Law does is state that everyone had better chose what Mark Passio would chose. The adept aligns their Higher Will with the Will of the ALL. The mundane align their will with the will of gurus, so look around and tell me which you see more of. If we are to truly educate people and allow them to make their own Freewill choices, we must provide them with non-pre-interpreted information, and then get out of their way, no matter what they do with it, short of harming people.

Mark has made his personal Freewill choice based on his available information, and to that degree I have no problem with his Freewill. My problem with Marks choices lie in that he now seeks to teach others a pre-interpreted version of that information, in order to have them all make the same choices that he has made, and even if those were good choices, it is yet evil to manipulate people in possession of less information. That is to say that Mark is manipulating people to use their Freewill as Mark sees fit, to manifest a reality that Mark would be comfortable with, and that is the same bullshit the Elite are doing to the masses. Yet you are pretending that you cannot see why I have a problem with him? Seriously? Mark teaches a version of Natural Law that is geared, not toward a complete understanding, but an understanding suitable to lead neophytes to his personal conclusions. That is fucking evil, so Mark has no place discussing morality at all. He has every right to come to his own conclusions, but he has no right to teach his personal conclusions as though they are themselves the perfect understanding of Natural Law, which they most certainly are not. Mark has basically said that not agreeing with him is to be evil and a Satanist. Well, I guess I’m a Satanist then, because I’m not buying Marks bullshit.

Mark isn’t God, Jana. This man has lost his mind and shouted that he knows better than all occult information, that he knows better than all of the alchemist in human history, and that he knows better than even the ancient Hermetic teachers, and he pounded his chest and shouted his own name several times. He was crazy eyed and foaming at the mouth. This was only a couple of shows back. The man is insane, he has delusions of grandeur, and a raging Messiah complex. Mark honestly teaches people that the only point to exist in this universe, is to agree with him on all of his personal views, say what he says, just like he says it, and publish it the way he publishes it, in his preferred format, or you just aren’t participating in the Great Work at all, because the Great Work is only doing what Mark does, for Marks personal reason, or you are just an evil Satanist and can’t be in has special club. Jana, Mark is fucking crazy. You have to know this?

As for what I am doing to help people, well who among us is known specifically for being the guy who demonstrates a complete and total refusal to comply with this social dogma? Who among us is offering a corrected definition of Natural Law without unnecessary baggage? Who among us has a years long history of questioning and calling out these ideals, and asking others to question them for themselves Just me, Jana… Just me…

There is an appropriate time and place to call people out when done with the correct spirit to help them grow—and that is what I am attempting to do here, but I expect that this will do nothing to help as people usually need crisis to change and I assume you are no different. When you tear people down, you get off on it too much and it shows. You use Mark’s shortcomings to boost yourself up. Is that really enlightened action?

Please allow me to explain your hypocrisy to you. One moment you are defending Freewill and personal choice, even if someone chose a wrong, because it is, and I quote – “their freewill choices as THEIR NEEDED and SACRED LESSONS with the Creator”, but when it comes to me having Freewill and making my personal choices, you now want to box me in with needing a “certain spirit”, a “certain time”, a “certain place”, and I need to be acting upon your personal desire to “help people grow”. I refuse to believe that you are being serious, because the contradiction here is quite massive. Furthermore, you state that people often require crisis in order to change, and yet when I confront this community with the crisis of self assessment, you beg for their right to be left alone, which is another total contradiction, because if people grow from crisis, and you want people to grow, but you don’t want people to be confronted with crisis, they you simply have no idea what you are talking about, as everything you say, is in direct contradiction with the thing you said before.

Again, I’m not tearing people down, I’m tearing ideas down, and many people identify with those ideas more than they have ever invested time in codifying personal character, and when their ideas die, its like an ego death for them. They would rather cling to a dying idea, than to suffer the hard work of attaining genuine independence. I don’t care about ideas, I care about people, and you have to destroy bad ideas in order to free the people in question, and frankly I don’t give a damn as to how they regard me afterward, so long as they think for themselves rather than join cults. I get off on busting up cults, and yes, that is an action so enlightened, that very few are able to truly comprehend it.

Therefore while you have glimmers of truth, you cannot see clearly. You use pointing out people’s errors as a weapon and accessory to your identity. Again, its the wrong spirit and I recognize that this and their bad attitude is something ex-satanists in particular have to work extra hard at overcoming.

What exactly do you suppose that I cannot see? If my statements contain only partial truth, might you be so kind as to point out any of my statements that are not at all true? I will happily reassess them. As for using peoples errors as a weapon, I find that metaphor to be quite reasonable and accurate, being mindful that I am attacking ideals, and not the individuals possessed by them. You hurt someone a great deal when setting a broken leg, but that is a far better thing to do, than allowing them to die slowly from immobility, pain, and infection, wouldn’t you agree? I’m happy to to hurt people, if its for their own good, and for a righteous reason. As for my being an ex-Satanist, I honestly wish there were more of us here, as I see far more enlightened people coming out of Satanic backgrounds, than I see coming from this Great Work Podcast worship nonsense. Love it or hate it, that is a fact.

The productive aspect of Satanism, is that it is one long crisis of self identity, whereby one burns off all illusion and self deceit, and all abstraction is removed from ones thought process, while yet one continues to exist in a world populated by billions of others, who are operated totally by programs which you can now easily hack. Society begins to look more like mindless animals, than sentient beings. This is not to mention that as a Satanist, you are held to such a high intellectual and spiritual bar, that you become a psychological magician, an intellectual warrior, seeking to fulfill your maximum conscious potential in every capacity, if only to maintain ones station amongst peers, much less the world at large. There is no room for error, and one is expected to be vigilant and detect errors, in themselves, and in one another. Satanist are actually equipped so as to accomplish their goals, where other are not. Why do you think Satanist run the world, while everyone else only cries and whines about it? You have to work as hard as the Satanist work, if you would ever dream of accomplishing even the most basic of your supposed goals.

So you are a Hermetic practitioner, yes? And the foremost of Hermetic Principles would be that of Mentalism, yes? All manifested realities are born of mental states, yes? So where is your manifested Will? So long as you reject Satanist and consider them to be ‘other’, rather than adopting their knowledge and skills, you will only fail. Look around at the world, and you only see their Will manifest, and why is that? Frankly, it is because you cannot match wits with them, you are not as studied or educated as they are, and you aren’t willing to work as hard, and you aren’t actually in possession of True Care as they are. Else, you might easily overthrow them, and manifest your supposedly superior moral compass and definition of Natural Law. Only you haven’t, and you can’t, because you do not know what they know. I, however, do.

Thus, even having left those Satanic paradigms and archetypes in my past, I do not leave that experience and personal development behind. I am basically a psychological Navy Seal compared to the profane, thus when I stand observing these boastful imbeciles making claims to the Great Work, and their grand goals pertaining to saving the world, I know full well that they can not even save themselves, because they are willful slaves, that will never accomplish anything more than paying lip service, and virtue signals, to their own incompetence, impotence, and moronic bullshit. This is the Truth. I may no longer be a Satanist, though I will always possess the vision of the Elite, knowing the source of their power, and the source of the weakness of their subjects. Its just that obvious to me, and so I’ll not be paying any respects where none are actually due. I address the strata of egregore, memeplex, and ideals which infect domesticated mind-space, and the people who get caught up in them are merely collateral damage. I know things that others do not, and I manage my time and attention accordingly. Feel free to call that evil or bitter if it makes you feel better, but it is what it is. The level of righteousness upon which I function, is not visible to you.

Stirring up drama has become your energy source as you identify as OFFICIAL JUDGE of the NL community, thus while you have a lot of truths and great potential, you cannot be totally objective in some of your assessments as they are more about your narrative and giving points to Darryl in the DARRYL HUTCHINS VS. MARK PASSIO case than simply delivering objective and balanced truth AND THEN MOVING ON.

And I would remind you, that your hypocrisy is utterly unable to advise another, without first violating its own tenets. You opposing my point of view, could be interpreted as stirring up drama, but I rather enjoy this comparison of thoughts, and welcome it. You insisting that I must act upon your personal agenda, in your chosen “spirit”, could be interpreted as a dogmatic state of mind, that lands you in the Passio category, but I am immune to such influence, and so I welcome your thoughts. Your insisting that I be motivated by your personal goals, seeing from your personal perspective, may be interpreted as an egoic issue much like Marks own, but I navigate around such minutia, and try to see the bigger picture. What obligation do I have, such that I should meet your unwarranted expectation for total objectivity? I am quite comfortable, and functional, equipped with both objective and subjective capacities. And I will remind you once more, that neither Darryl Hutchins nor Mark Passio, have as much to do with this, as the ideals they produce for the consideration of others. That is where my attention resides, as ought your own.

You are too reductionistic and quick to characterize all involved with Mark as being gullible brainwashed sycophants. While you point out valid truths, you demonize him too much and generalize the community. You are so extreme because you are empowered by your self-inflicted victimhood and self-created rejection. When reading this, sometimes it felt you were shedding light, but other times that you were seeking retaliation.

This phenomena is not at all unique to Mark or his followers. The same is true of many such gurus and their flocks. If I regard someone as being gullible, brainwashed, or sycophantic, it is because they have consistently demonstrated those specific qualities and characteristics, and in the event that I address the issue publicly, it is very likely the case that I am fond of the genuine elements of that to which they are laying false claim, and I am likely offended by their having made an utter ass of it by way of their base consciousness approach having access only to its forms, and total ignorance to its actual essence. In this case that would be the Great Work, and Alchemical Evolution. Once you get your head around my true ambition, it is not all that complicated, really. I cannot generalize a community of people that does not exist. I can only generalize their ideals. If this were actually a cohesive community, their Will would be made manifest, and their goals would be accomplished, and I see no sign of that occurring.

There needs to be some balance, some compassion and understanding and dare I say respect for people’s free will choices! We all have growing to do… but it shouldn’t be turned into unnecessary bitter attacks. Yes, truth is sharp and hurts sometimes but sometimes we use truth to serve ego-identifications and that’s your next lesson sir.

Listen, I will gladly accept any lesson that comes my way, and learn and grow from it. It won’t be the first time, and likely not the last. However, balance does not imply that you will always be pleased with peoples choices or behaviors, and truly you may not even understand their choices or behaviors. Balance may exist outside of your comprehension, where you see only one aspect of a phenomena, and not its counter point, as is the case with your observation of myself. What you see as being unnecessary may be totally necessary according to the dynamics of the universe which you cannot access. If the proper position is to simply respect everyone’s Freewill choices, not only is your moral compass ultimately broken and useless, but I would have to ask you once more, why then do you not respect my Freewill choices? I can tell you why. Because we simply are not geared to sit idly by and leave unchallenged those phenomena we personally dislike. That is what I am doing, and that is what you are doing, and that is the manner in which the Creator engineered us. Have you asked yourself the questions that you are asking me? Try it out.

For many years, you have said you don’t want Mark’s approval, but still deep inside you do as you bring it up all too much. You have in the past acted like a child seeking his attention and then angrily condemn him when it isn’t given, your bitterness for not being asked to be on the network shows so my article gave you the perfect impetus to launch your assaults that have been carefully crafted over the years. You have this love-hate obsession with Mark and its time to outgrow that. Why is his picture at the end?

Wrong again, Jana. I do not require Marks approval, but my primary issue here is that, I do not wish for anyone to require Marks approval, for the simple reason that, even having gained Marks approval is not equivalent to the actual codification of character, or hard fought alchemical evolution. I want people to pursue the genuine Great Work, rather than pretending with pseudo spiritual gurus handing out trophies, and I have attempted to explain this to the community for several years now.

As for marks attention, no one gets it at all, because Mark is a coward who turns of commenting on all of his media accounts, and he declines any and all invitations to debates and discussions which he cannot strictly dictate and control. That is not only my opinion, it is a long standing historical fact. Mark rants for three hours every week, about how he is so much smarter than everyone else, and now countless people have invited him to discussions and debates, and Mark predictably declines ALL of them. Mark only goes on shows where host is a personal friend of his, who already agrees with everything he has to say, or on his own personal show where he controls which callers to take, which all seem to kiss his ass and tell him how holy he is…

That cowardice speaks for itself, Jana, and that is yet another issue that I am addressing here. This is not an obsession, it is the subject matter of our conversation. I placed Marks photo on our dialog, because our dialog pertains to Marks goofy network. Of course, I would assume that you can address Marks work with your own opinions, and that would not be an obsession, am I right? You started this conversation, and I only replied to it, but I am obsessed, and you are not. That’s a neat trick. You must be a Chaos Sorcerer, too?

Without the spirit of objectivity you can only create a cul-de-sac for yourself where you appear as an Adept merely based on your criticisms of others—yet you fail to expand your content to to deepen your understanding of Occult Philosophy. Instead of carrying Mark’s work to the next step, you are too invested in calling him and his community out. Was I doing that in this article? (to some extent, but this one article took me a week to produce, while for years I’ve been working on entirely different projects.) Also, I wrote it for a particular individual as I focus on individuals as my expression of the Great Work, hence why I am spending a day on this for you, if you could be open and caring enough to receive it. Thus, I am not interested in the community construct—other than using it to explain certain phenomenon to people.

You know, on many levels, you are as bad as Mark, in that you pretend to be an advocate of Freedom Sovereignty, and Freewill, while literally everything else that you have to say, is based on conforming others to your ideas of the right choices and behavior. Your concept of Freedom is that everyone will behave in a way that is pleasing to your personal sensibilities, and that is preposterously unrealistic and naive. If I am Adept for any reason, it is because I recognize where my Will and opinions matter, and where they do not. You might try it.

My knowledge of the Occult has equipped me so as to recognize where such claims are genuine, false, or distorted versions of the truth, and therefore I will address in my Personal Work any such issues which I regard as needing correction. My Great Work content contains all of those things which you believe to be absent, and are not. What you fail to recognize, is that I have drawn a line between my Personal Work and the Great Work. You might try that, too.

I have no desire to carry Marks work to any step, as it isn’t Marks work to begin with, and if you believe it is, you may as well join his cult and kiss his feet. The Work is everyone’s Work, and Mark has no claim to these people, as they are the Creators people. Know This. So sure, I am open and caring enough to hear you and receive your message, but I’d certainly appreciate if you could do the same for me, recognize my true position, and stop misrepresenting my goals here. If we were in full understanding and acceptance of one anothers genuine agendas, I feel that we could have even more beneficial dialogs than these, by which I imply them being beneficial to ourselves and our viewing audience.

I write this response because I don’t want my article merely being used as a prop for YOUR agenda as you now suddenly turned a 180 on me to sing my praises when last I knew from you was that I was destroying Mark’s valuable work with the soul of an ugly demon.

Again, that was three years ago. Things change over time. The photo was for attention, and had nothing to do with your person or character, and if you are no longer a gatekeeper in Marks cult, I congratulate you on having moved on, and recognized the error of your ways. Some of Marks work is still yet invaluable, but whereas I once viewed the cult behavior as being due to his fans, I now have years of evidence which demonstrate that Mark himself is actually at fault, and so my views have been modified so as to accommodate the current information. That’s just how logic works. What would you do differently?

Thus, when you overly give me flattery in the commentary, it is hard for me not to think you are being slightly disingenuous and that this flattery is merely being used to serve your own purpose. This article is not intended to feed the DARRLY HUTCHINS VS. MARK PASSIO complex nor was it to air everyone’s dirty laundry involved in the network. I’m not here to tear down Mark and this community and serve one individual who has made it his prime objective. Let me be clear, the article On Concerning the One Great Work Network was NOT done in the spirit of bitterness or division but to help individuals that may be stuck and even Mark who I have no ill will towards. I don’t want my work to be conflated with your unnecessary harshness and questionable motives.

Look, I get what you are saying here, but you are way off. You ask me to be more objective, and yet when I am, you accuse me of being disingenuous. I flattered you because you deserved it, and it was a great article, the likes of which I hope to see more of. But you are a woman who must be impossible to please. If I am consistent, you accuse me of being set in my ways. If I adapt to new information, you accuse me of flip-flopping. If I tell you to kiss my ass, you accuse me of being a jerk. If I flatter you I’m accuse of being disingenuous. I just don’t hold a grudge the way you do, and I can praise the good works of anyone I hate, and in the same light, criticize the poor works of anyone I love.

That is as objective as I know how to be. You seem to want me to assume a position whereas everyone is either totally good, or totally bad, and that is just not realistic. My praise of you, and my criticisms of you, both stand on their own merits, and they are both simultaneously true. I’m sorry if you feel that my commentary was more impressionable that your original article. I liked your article very much, and I’m sure other did as well.

Also, I don’t want my article to be used for your stagnation (and to feed this issue you’ve had for years) because even after these years I still care about you, enough to unblock, read and respond to this. Will it be received, probably not, and I do expect this comment to be deleted and even potentially the post, after you rework everything I said out of it. I’m fine with that. As with Mark, I’m fine with your stagnation as only your experience can help you grow and I respect the free will choices that it will take to make that happen. At the same time, you’ve desired by response, so here it is, I leave nothing out.

I take you at your word, and I have no strong emotional bias, as you seem to believe. If you say that you care, I believe you, and I will receive your thoughts and I will seriously consider them all. You have my word as well. However, I have no idea as to why you think I would delete your comments or your article. That’s just not even my style at all, and so I guess you don’t know me as well as you think you do. You could say all manner of horrible things and I would allow it to represent itself. I’m the guy who has always opposed censorship and controlled narratives. You know that. Your response is always most welcome here, and you’d better not leave anything out, or I’ll have to correct it…

You like to ruffle people’s feathers for the hell of it because you are so bored. The truth is that you are bored of yourself because YOU have hit a wall. From what I can tell by your article, you haven’t gone any further with alchemy. Imagine how much growth you could do if you put your focus OFF morally judging the community and onto morally judging yourself? Are YOU using content-creation to hide or reveal yourself?

No, no, and no. I ruffle peoples feathers to stir them up and make them think (or re-think), reassess their location and situation. I’m not board, this is actually a lot of work, and a meaningful charge that I aim to fulfill in this realm, before I take another assignment. I really do not feel as though I have hit a wall either, because every time I feel that I have said enough about this particular topic, some event or development takes place which merits an assessment from outside of this cults perspective, and I am able to provide exactly that, and so I do.

What I believe has happened between you and I, is that this is all that you have ever seen of me, and so you actually believe that this is all there is to me, and now you think that you can read one of my articles, that I wrote on one single issue, and that has provided you with a map to my total lifelong alchemical evolution. I’ll show you the decency of asking, but I’m nearly certain that you cannot possibly be serious? How can you determine what my focus has accomplish over forty one years of human consciousness, by simply looking at something that I wrote over one day, while focused upon only one issue. Jana, that just makes absolutely no sense at all. I have several other concerns, and I grant them far more focus and energy than I have given this topic, and I’ll remind you again that, this isn’t about me, or Mark, or even the individuals within his cult. Its about ideals, egregors, and memeplex, that need to die before humanity can regain its conscious footing. I sincerely wish that you could see what it is that I am up to. It isn’t what you think.

Ego/Shadow refinement is always our work to do. An Adept is someone who doesn’t exteriorizes ego and shadow unto others and the environment most of the time. I’m not there yet, I am certainly no Adept… just barely initiated. Everyday I am engaged in this work but when I put information out into the universe I put everything I’ve got to keep my ego out of it and be as objective as possible even though I still make mistakes. I use writing to expose my ego and shadow (all of which get edited out) and will do inner work for days until I put out content. I can only encourage other content-creators to use their work in the same way, as to be just as much about their inner work as with helping the world.

I disagree. An Adept is one who has ego at their disposal, and are able to use it if and when they see fit, rather than being subject to their base consciousness and biological impulses. The idea that Adepts transcend ego, would be on par with saying that Adepts don’t have sex, because they have overcome their biological instincts, or that Adepts don’t eat delicious foods, because they have overcome biological hunger. I assure you that we Adepts indulge in all manner of pleasant biological and intellectual pursuits, we simply do not allow the biological impulses to influence our Higher Will. I might even argue that these indulgences are all the more rewarding when one manages them properly and deploys them accordingly, rather than being driven by them. If you aren’t there yet, that’s fine, as you have room and time to grow. In many of these regards I am there, but you don’t see anything else. Do you honestly believe that I walk through the produce section looking at bananas while red faced and screaming “Fuck Mark Passio and his Damned Cult!”? I assure you that I do not.

Perhaps you should allow your ego to stretch its legs a bit. Why not write a bit with your ego? You don’t have to publish it for anyone else to see. How do you believe that you even know what is within your ego, if as you say, you work so hard to suppress it. Why would the Creator have give you something, only for you to throw it away? You eat good food, and yet you are not obese. I’m guessing that you have sex, and you don’t allow it to control your whole life? You can fight well enough to defend yourself, and you aren’t committing violence on random people, right? So flex your ego as well, and see what skill you have in that regard, what pleasure can be derived in that regard, just don’t allow its impulses to control your Higher Will and inadvertent behavior. Take some time off from helping the world, and help yourself, or you won’t be fit to help the world. And don’t lecture people on managing their egos, if all you can do is suppress your own. Suppression is very easy, and a cop-out, whereas cultivation and refinement, is an evolutionary process with investments and returns.

On the positive, again there are many jewels of truth in your analysis. You’ve been doing this for years so I would expect your articulations to be this refined, even more refined then mine in many ways. When I read your first paragraph (of the commentary) I was actually confused as to whether you wrote it or I wrote it. We have always resonated with writing styles and I have enjoyed how you are a lot more expressive and detailed than I who tries to get to the point with Ockham’s razor. You explain many things quite well. I would have really loved to collaborate with you if there wasn’t so much issues preventing it. There’s just too much bitterness in your heart and I will always hope one day you will CARE. If only you could see Mark as your mirror.

I thank you very much for your kind words, and I do hope that this will be the first of many such exchanges. Your thoughts and perceptions are valuable tools of my personal reassessment, and that is an ongoing process. I might argue that you could be as expressive as myself, if only you’d give that ego of yours a little more leash, but that just my opinion. We may yet collaborate in the future, perhaps when you realize that I am not actually bitter, or filled with hate. I sincerely hope that you come to see my genuine position, even if ultimately you do not a agree with it, and I’m far more concerned with proper assessment than I am agreement. People of our intellectual and spiritual caliber do not require complete agreement, in order to derive value and growth from another persons Work, else we wouldn’t give a damn about one another, or Mark for that matter. We all play our part upon that stage that is the universe, we simply read from a different script…

I particularly liked your Nature of Being analysis, but I think you go too far, just as Mark goes too far with morality. So I would see an integration of both your views more aligned to truth. Again, because you identify with polarizing AGAINST Mark, you will be subjected to extremism. Natural Law isn’t just neutral towards free will but assisting moral evolution through all the Principles. These Principles being dynamic (in action) just as they are static (in identity). The All is the Absolute Good is the Ultimate Reality and so there is moral prescription inherent in Natural Law, evolution to the All itself being the goal. At the same time, we do have to accept that the Law of Polarity and free will is part of the ground towards this evolution and that right/wrong being and action go all the way down and up levels in all manifest realities. We cannot eradicate this polarity as we are constantly learning and growing. Mark makes objective morality too exclusive to statism and anarchy—when that is a tiny aspect of moral living. There are so many subtleties to good and evil lost in his work, like the vices of men being harmful (as pure vices, without necessarily affecting others).

Well you can wait until the very end to spring that on me! This is the good stuff! I need details on how I took The Nature of Being too far, LOL. Which elements did you view as being true, and which did you view as being untrue? My views pertaining to the Nature of Being, have nothing to do with Mark other than I would correct his definition of Natural Law, so as to remove his existential and moral crisis from it. While I am, to some degree, polarized in opposition to certain of Marks views, I’d ask that you recognize that these are not the foundational aspects of my total thought process, so much as they may be all that you have seen of my thought process, and if you would try to understand that, I will certainly accept responsibility for creating that perception, and receive it as food for thought. That said, extremism is not something that I am subject to, rather, it is something that I wield when I find it to be appropriate.

If the All is the Absolute Good, and the Ultimate Reality, why then are we surrounded by vile, wickedness, and evil? It would seem to me that the All has made as many accommodations for evil, as it has for goodness, and that the All is, in reality, totally unbiased, and will allow humanity to make its own bed, and lie in it, as the saying goes. As far as I can tell, if there are moral prescriptions to Natural Law, it is you and Mark who are prescribing them, and Natural Law is completely ignoring your idealized universe of Love and Light, and truly, how boring would that existence be, if every second of eternity, we were just being in love, and hugging, and shaking hands for ever and ever? No offense, but that sounds pretty awful and gross to me. If complete annihilation were an option to that existence, I would just die instead. I’m only interested in a dynamic eternity, where the problem of Evil never goes away, because when the problem o Evil is resolved, growth and consciousness cease to develop, and for me that would be worse than death. Wouldn’t you say the same?

Honestly I wish we could have spent sixteen pages, picking one anothers brains on that issue, instead of Marks nonsense, but I’ll take what I can get, and I thank you very much for your time and attention.

2 thoughts on “Jana Esp Reply Part Two

  1. Jana Esp

    Thank you for revealing your true colors and that our friendship meant completely nothing to you and was only tool for you in achieving Satanic divide and conquer of the community. Everyone is tool for you in this soulless bitter pursuit. You’ve constructed a personality that isn’t even real, it’s just a tool of your dark sorcery (so was personally telling me about your trauma, which you use to manipulate people). Your game is up, maybe not to others but i see you clearly. You not only reveal your Dark Luciferian Spirit but revel in it. I pity the hell you are about to go through that will wipe that smug prideful look off your face. There will be an effect to all your moral transgressions and let’s see how “neutral” they will be. The more people you fool the more karma for you. You think its funny. Let’s see who’s laughing when you reap what you’ve sown and burn.


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