Request Patrons To Transfer Support!

Hi, DM Hutchins 2nd here, of the Digital Occult Library Project.

I have a request for all of my highly valued Patreon Subscribers that will greatly assist in maintaining our Freedom of Speech, and the future development of my Library Project, and the support our fellow content producers such as Mark Passio, Michael Tsarion, Max Igan, and David Icke. I’m asking my Patreon subscribers to relocate their support to my Subscribe Star account, as I withdraw from Patreon and PayPal.

Patreon and PayPal have developed vicious reputations for terminating the accounts of anyone known to be a producer or distributor of materials related to the Freedom of Speech or Advocacy of Truth, and so its only a matter of time before I join the ranks of Passio, Tsarion, Igan, Icke, and so many others who were banned without any warning, having their money stolen, and their voices silenced. Even now I am shadow banned, meaning that across many social media platforms, links to my Patreon, and PayPal are visible only to a very few, while post about other topics receive hundreds of views.

I will leave the Patreon page up and running until everyone has time to transfer over to Subscribe Star, and then I will delete my Patreon account. Subscribe Star is a very similar service, though it honors Freedom Of Speech, and has many more features which I have use to build a far more interactive and content rich site for my subscribers. Its much safer for you too, with more dynamic payment options, and I have routed payments directly to a bank, eliminating any risk of your donations being stolen by PayPal.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but it really does place us both in a much safer, and freer, situation than simply hoping that we wont be stolen from and censored. Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement. It means a great deal to me. Much love and respect to all of you.

4 thoughts on “Request Patrons To Transfer Support!

  1. Zen Shaman

    i didnt know tsarion was banned from paypal, but i havent talked to him or anyone else in quite a while, as ive redirected my efforts towards affecting change thru sonic alchemy. i also highly recommend creating multiple profiles with multiple genders, locations, and interests to confuse the tech overlords. keep them guessing and off balance……

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      1. Zen Shaman

        i knew they were doing that, but i hadnt seen how far they had progressed. i also know they are assembling a database of people they are banning, to share between all the other wannabe overlords here in silicone valley, which is why i urge everyone to create multiple profiles, to confuse them as much as possibler. ill be sure to setup and use subscribe star forr future support payments to you.

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