I’m in Time Out For Thought Crime Violations

The other day I posted a podcast voicing my opinion on the Canadian Trucker hype.

The podcast got a great deal of love and hate, and inspired quite a few heated threads across various social media platforms, and a couple of rather angry private messages as well. Before long the accusations were rolling in, and I was asked to make amends for having hurt everyone’s feelings, and this was my response.

To coddle their fragile feelings, I published this new tee shirt on my Bonfire Store, just to let them know how concerned I was with their angry, blind, and unfounded, worship of media propaganda. And needless to say that really pissed people off, and the next thing I know, I am being accused of attempting to make money off of the suffering truckers. It was completely over their heads that the shirt was a joke to mock their worship of the television news, and the hypocrisy of the truckers concept of “Freedom”. Suddenly my post were going from 30 to 50 views to 100+ views, and before you know it I got this message from the Facebook / Government overlords of censorship and shadow banning.

So apparently being attacked and defending my position with words on the internet, now constitutes targeting people, degrading them, and also threatening them, because I might have used a mean word, or told someone to go fuck themselves. Apparently as a grown man of more than 40 years of age, I was unaware that I needed strangers to come and regulate what I am allowed to publicly say or question, as if I were a child in need of correction, because I didn’t blindly accept the mainstream narrative and social expectations. They actually went so far as to admit that I was to be silenced for the period of one month, and that at the end of that month I would be permitted to speak again, but that for an extra month they would still suppress my post such that very few people would see them.

So I’m not sure why any adult would tolerate being treated like a small child by complete strangers, or even their government. I do not consent to be governed, and I’m really only on the federal social media sites to draw people to drastically more free social media such as BitChute, Flote, Minds, and, MeWe. These networks aren’t perfect by any means, but they are much better than the socially acceptable options that land you in time-out with the three year olds. If you are a big boy or a big girl, and words don’t hurt your feelings, come join me on these platforms and lets have a conversation without federal proctologist dictators.

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