D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library – Now FREE

I’m taking a big chance and throwing caution to the wind, because I feel that its the right thing to do. Several people who were once members of my monthly Patreon project, and others who once made regular donations to my Library, have had to withdraw their support due to hardships in their personal lives. It seems every other week or so, someone contacts me to explain why. And so, I am making the public portion of the D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library FREE in order that they will still have access to these study materials. The chance that I am taking is that this may cause all of my Patreons to leave, and all donations to stop, as they did before I charged for Library access.

I’m lifting my arms to the universe and asking that those who can offer support, will, and that those who cannot, will continue to have access to the truth via this collection of this material. I am a disabled person with no other means of income, and so if you are willing and able, please consider becoming a Patreon Member or donating to my PayPal. Any amount is very meaningful. Thanks everyone.

Patreon Page

My PayPal Page

4 thoughts on “D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library – Now FREE

  1. Zen Shaman

    keep going. you will pay a terrible price one day, for all that you are passing on to younger students. there is no higher reward for all you are doing. you will never be forgotten. keep going.

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  2. Zen Shaman

    ill do my best to keep sending you monthly payments again, but im not sure how long i can hold out, ive been getting hammered as well. i only survive because im mean and stubborn as fuck, but at some point if i dont have surgery i cant continue. youve proved your self to me. i salute you. keep this message private, between us. no sense in getting nailed any harder than you already are

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