Another Massive Update to The Study Drive Project

I’ve just complete a monumental project whereby I have consolidated, reformatted, and rewritten the metadata for the complete Audio Book and Podcast section of the D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library Study Drives.

Those of you who are familiar with the common audio book format, know that very often these downloads tend to come in the form of a folder with the books name, in which you’ll find highly fragmented audio files ranging from anywhere between 50 and 100 very short audio files, which files come in various formats ranging from webm, wav, wma, mp4 video, and several others, leaving you to sort it all out. This means that in order to listen to the book, 1. one must be knowledgeable pertaining to forming manageable playlist via m3u files, 2. one must possess the proper media players which possess the codecs required to process the random file types, 3. and one must know how to read, edit, and sort files according to metadata, because this is very rarely properly configured when you download audio books. This is a real pain, and can be a bit daunting for non-techy people, because all of this requires a level of technological knowledge that the average person does not possess. People will either completely give up on that type of media, or they will end up with a very messy collection of files that are rarely made proper use of.

Because I do not want this to be a technological barrier for the content contained within the D.M. Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library Study Drives, I have spent more than a week taking every single Audio Book in my collection, and I have defragmented every book in to a single file meaning playlist are not needed, I then renamed every book (Authors Name First) in order that book collections stack neatly when viewed in a folder. I then exported every file in mp3 format, such that anyone can play any book on literally any device. Finally, I edited the metadata by erasing everything and then setting Genre to Audio Books, and Album as the Authors name, therefor media players will neatly arrange your collection that you can find anything very simply. I also consolidated many audio files from Manly P Hall in to more manageable single files, and I’ve reworked the overly complex metadata of the Podcast section.

You can obtain a solid state-drive, hard-drive, flash-drive, or Micro-SD Card, filled with  the D.M.Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library by ordering a drive of your  choice via my Amazon Wishlist, and for a donation to cover packaging,  shipping, and time, I’ll fill the drive and mail it to you, and the  larger the drive you order, the more content I can offer.

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