The D.M. Hutchins 2nd Audio Series

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Episode 1. In Darkness Prior – Spreaker

Episode 1. In Darkness Prior – Soundcloud

In Darkness Prior is an experimental episode, half essay, half poetry, which I’ve used to test the Spreaker mobile platform. Written (2016) and read (2020) by D. M. Hutchins 2nd.

Episode 2. Natural Law and Morality – Spreaker

Episode 2. Natural Law and Morality – Soundcloud

Natural Law and Morality is an essay that I wrote a few years ago when creating my WordPress site titled Natural Law. I selected this essay for Episode 2. because it describes the exact spirit of my work in all context. There is nothing more important than liberation through assuming personal responsibility and the pursuit of freedom so long as any force would hinder our wellbeing and expression.

Episode 3. Defeating Corporate Sorcery – Spreaker

Episode 3. Defeating Corporate Sorcery – SoundCloud

For corporations, human life is worthless unless it can be conquered through physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual warfare; which human capacities are marketed back to those conquered, in some cheap Hollywood version, at the price of their, now hallow, time, attention, lives, and freedom. The human being is little more than cattle, to be to milked of labor, to be fed consumer philosophical abstractions, drown in useless unnatural products, and eventually worked to death.

Episode 4. Adherence to Moral Conduct – Spreaker

Episode 4. Adherence to Moral Conduct – Sound Cloud

“And so it is of great importance that one know precisely what they are saying when they would either praise or slander “The Nobility of Adherence to Moral Conduct”, lest they fall (or remain) victim to those myriad of moral inversions of societies conventions, which I will not, and which you should not, as we are not amoral beings, but the very source and embodiment of numinous and moral virtue, as we are righteous, and righteousness, beyond all abstraction or structured institutions of the Elite Occult class, who ARE going to lose this war. – D. M. Hutchins 2nd”

Episode 5. Alchemical Evolution – SoundCloud

A short bio explaining my transition from Satanism to The Great Work and Alchemical Evolution in general.