-The Blind

Attention glued to television sets
like the shackles on your wrist
Drowning in the hope that your fantasy
lets you catch the carrot that doesn’t even exist
Scams to milk your worth away
your energy mind and then your pay
to even deal with this
Its good your blind
because it would would blow your mind
and you’d be really pissed,


-Liquid Shadow

We were admiring the shadows of a liquid reflection
So as to acknowledging the structure of
The resonance of an inverted refraction
Looking at the collective intention
In the individual puddles…


Orange galaxies spiral readily from the flame,
Upward sailing to find their place in space,
Ever glowing without any shame in the darkness,
Burning fast then fade away,
Our lives the same from day to day,
Seeming long though quickly grey,
Then raining down like so much ash,
A brief today now in the past,
A lifetime of meaning to we and ours,
Now photographs and passing hours,
And gathered round this blaze of origin,
Are those who seek the warmth and light again,
Who themselves are fading from the youthful grins,
And nearing ever closer to spiteful completion,
Or perhaps a cheerful gaze into that void of Creation,
Orange galaxies spiral readily from the flame,
Upward sailing to find their place in space…


Silk carved from stone, I am,
Street carved from home, My hands,
Crumble carved in bone, In sand,
Star carved from time, The call,
Space carved from mind, The All,
Truth carved in lies, The fall,
World Polluted,
Heat carved from ice, It is,
Darkness carved from light, Is his,
Death carved in life, His wish,
Saints carved from man, Are we,
Ocean carved from land, We see,
Life carved in gland, All three,

-Twelve Skies

Twelve skies spinning round,
I struggle every age with pain and misery,
I try to work it out and so far haven’t seemed to reach,
Or so it seems for now,
The point I try to make is love and unity,
Into their time I speak through curses hate and grief,
Though my head refuse to bow,
Incarnate every age to pull the people back together,
Evermore breaths I cry out the more the bonds seem to sever,
This bitter soil I plow,
I’m reaching out with love though the people hate my letter,
A stealth messenger of the gods having yet to make things better,
I’ve broken all their sacred cows,
I summon all my will and watch it smash into their wall,
Though I will struggle on and know that their ice will thaw,
Twelve skies spinning round,
Because I have only limits of the flesh though it does fall,
But my essence lingers on and I’ll return the answered call,


A waterfall of wine, Our thirst our lips
Drunken rage, Word spoken
Bright lake in my glass, Deeply swam
Anger wades, Heard motion
A forest of feast, Our hunger our wrist
Eating shade, Merge potions
Tall mountains on my plate, climbing man
Endless days, Firm notion
A table of world, Our pain our bliss
Skyless weight, Stern emotion
Wide ocean of stars, Longing hands

-Natural Law

I have walked into your Kingdom,
Tracking Ether on your floor,
Yet bound to flesh I am not any more…
Thus weapon and steel are nothing to me,
And the battle to come,
Is that of will and of glee…
Incarnate I am and I do,
To finish that struggle, and to finish you…
That dragon within, that dragon I kill,
With intention and thought,
And with glee and with will…
Sailed and flown and warped in human ships,
Had sorrow and joy,
And spoke through their lips…
For mine is to save them,
Their freedom their own,
In their minds I have dwelt,
Therein knowing and known…
For all that has mattered according to you,
Is false and is lies and indeed is untrue…
But the truth I have offered,
And I’ve made known to they,
Who would listen, be they here or away…
The candle has melted,
And the light fades to dark,
But lie as you will,
Because the truth leave its mark…
Drums and horns do sing and so roar,
At the dying of evil whose grip is no more…
Whose greed once adored, has faded to none,
For in their minds and their ships,
I have came, and do come…
Relentless as thee, and determined of course,
You will soon fall, Ill return to the source…
Absorbed all the more, In love and adorn,
In the armor of war…